Finals Week

Journal 2:

Finals Week

A week were teens are high on coffee, studying as hard as they can just to past a test. But, it isn’t just a test or an essay. It’s your final test. What you get on this test pretty much determines what your grade is on your report card. This is finals week. There are a few different types of students during this week. 1) The up-all-tighter. This kid will stay up all night scared that he/she will fail this test. Most of the time though they are the ones that ace it. 2) The rebel. He doesn’t give a damn about the test as long as his grade is not an F, he has nothing to worry about. As long as this persons’ parents know he’s going to school he doesn’t care. 3) The cheater. These people most times come in pairs or groups. One person sees what’s on the test and tells the rest of his gang and together they use there phones to cheat on the test. Sometimes they end up passing and others, get caught in the act and fail. 4) I don’t have a name for this one. Maybe you should comment some nicknames for this type of student. This student has a lot of confidence. They don’t need to study because they know “everything”. Most of the time they do pass the test, I’m just saying I think it’s good too study just a little bit.

All these students have their own way of passing the test. It’s okay. But most of us have one thing in common. It’s that we worry if we will pass. We have anxiety. Everyone hates finals week. The only thing good about it, is that we get out early. But, no one likes taking test. Especially the people who always bomb on big test. We’re all scared we will fail, but you know what. After all this is over, we’re done. School is done for a whole week, or months. We can relax and never think about it again. Well until next quarter or next year where we will go to the same process. All I’m saying is, finals week gets on everyone nerves. So lastly what I’m going to say is…. Everyone grab your coffee and sugary candies because its going to be a long week.

Lost Girl

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