Hey, social bullies.
Yeah, I’m talking to you,
all of you who think you’re better than women like me,
as you keep on telling me what to do,
making women like me feel ugly.

Oh, social bullies.
Do you actually want me to beg,
wailing: “Oh, pretty please?”
You’ve always done a remarkable job,
showing me what I always lack
as you brag on about all you’ve got.

You’re the reason women like me feel depressed,
or choose to marry in haste,
unaware of what they may waste.
Your arrogance simply taints the whole idea
of what marriage is supposed to be.

However, I will not give in.
I am way done with this useless, endless argument.
I guess my (considered) long, overdue single status just gives you the itch,
as you perceive me an arrogant little bitch.
Why won’t you just quit it?

So let me break this down to you, social bullies.
Stop treating us like disgraceful freaks.
Praying for us is supposed to be good enough already; what’s with all this insult?
Are you always up for emotional assault?
Is personal, superiority complex what you’re all about?

It’s your choice to be such nosy, judgmental bullies,
but I won’t always do what you please.
This isn’t about you; this is about me.
The ‘anti-commitment’ is stamped on us, thanks to your sheer insecurity.
If it’s so difficult for you to get the already obvious clue,
it’s not that all of us don’t want to get married.
Some actually do,
but it’s not up to you.
It’s not because you want us to.

Still think we’re stubborn?
We’ll call you arrogant.
Now we’re even.
Case closed.

(Jakarta, 25/9/2015 – 9:30 am)

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