I Want to Learn

My eagerness to learn have been significantly increasing due to the fact of knowing that I’m doing very bad with my studies in college, there was even a time where I even heard that I’m the lowest ranked student in some subject in class and that of course makes me feel very bad about myself, feeling embarrassed and shamed that I’m the lowest achieving person in class, I might probably be the dumbest in class or even the most dumbest person enrolled in the Institute I’m studying in.

I just know that there is something in me that can make me do better or even stand out from most people. Well the problem about me is that I’m a lazy procrastinator. I somehow agree that everything is difficult when you’re lazy and I do believe that, I knew I could have done better things, it’s like my mind actually has that potential but my physical body does not. It’s like I have this beast mode inside of me that isn’t frequently triggered. I just know I have something in me! I just have to carefully force it out!

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