My life from the start… part 4, the first 48 hours with Marcum

When I left off at part 3 the aftermath I had just told about the first meeting with Marcum, that is where I will pick up…..

As I pulled in the driveway Marcum was sitting on the front porch waiting for me. He met me on the sidewalk and gave me a hug and told me that I was even more  beautiful in person.

Marcum fit the type of guy I had always dreamed of, tall, dark brown eyes, had a little meat on his bones (not chubby by any means, but not a toothpick or washboard abs either), he had full sleeve tattoos on both arms, they were the nice tattoos that had a theme to them. Not like some who just random things that didn’t go together. And the most attractive thing about him was that he was NOT A GAMER, like my husband that I had just split up with acouple of months prior. He was also 4 years older then me.

We spent a couple of hours together sitting in his living-room talking about our lifes. He told me that his house was paid off, he had a black truck that was lifted (it wasn’t there at the time he said it was in the shop getting the oil changed), he said that he worked at a auto shop as a auto tech., he had two children a boy who was 4 and a girl who had just turned 3. He told me about his life in the military. I told him about my past and my current situation in my life.

OK from here I am going to put a warning to anyone who personally knows me and it reading this, I am going to get A LOT more graphic about our relationship, if you can not handle it please stop reading now. There is going to be stuff that no one knows but Marcum and I, and some of it he doesn’t even know about. Ok from here out please do not judge……………………………………………………………………………………….


I don’t know how it happened but we were standing in the door way of his bedroom and he pulled me close to him put his arms around me and kissed my forehead then kissed me on the cheek, then softly on the lips, by this time we are in the bedroom. I remember him pulling my pants and panties off and I did the same to him. Then there I was having sex with another guy that I had just met.

I still remember how it felt the first time he was inside of me, he knew all the right places to touch and all the right moves to make. I remember switching positions and me getting on top and he took his shirt off and I looked down and even though he was not built and had a few extra pounds I thought that he was the most beautiful person I had ever seen.

After we were done he told me I could take a shower if I wanted, so I said sure but I needed to go out to my car and get my bag. He told me to go ahead and get in and that he would get my bag for me. So I went a head and got in the shower and a couple of minutes later he came in with my bag and said that his ex wife needed him to come to her house and watch the kids for a couple of minutes so she could run to the store. So I said ok, what else could I say it was his kids and I had only been around for a couple of hours. He left and I finished my shower, got out redid my hair and makeup and sat on the couch and watched tv and texted essner about how my night was going.

About 2 hours past and a black suv pulled up in the driveway and he got out and asked if I wanted to go with him to the liquor store with him that his ex wife wanted him to pick her up some vodka. So I went with him and then after the store he dropped me back off at his house. This was at 8pm. He said he was going to run it by her house and be back.

At 9pm I texted Marcum and told him I was going to go get something to eat and he said ok text me when you get back and I will meet you at the house. So I said ok. I go food came back and ate then I texted him and told him I was back, he said ok. this was at 945pm.

I sat there for another hour and I started to wonder if he was doing this to try and make me leave, so I went in the bathroom and started getting my things together. This was 1045pm.

At 11pm he walked through the door and was plastered drunk and just sat down on the couch and was acting really weird talking about how he wanted to kill himself and just end it all. Normally in situations like this I would turn away, but I sat and talked to him and talked him through it, I finally got him to go to bed around 130am. Once he was passed out his phone went off and it was a text, so I picked him phone up to turn it off so it would not wake him up.

For some reason I started going through his phone there was texts from all kinds of girls, one still stands out in my mind it was from a girl telling him that he better hope that she was not pregnant, I remember my heart sinking. Then there was the pictures he had saved on his phone nude pics of multiple girls, nude pics of him. Here I thought that I was special and no I was just another girl to add to his list. At least I had never sent nude pics of myself.

Well I decided then that I was not going to stay the night or talk to him again. I quietly picked up my bag and opened the front door walked out and closed it quietly behind me. I opened my car door put my bag inside, sat in the drivers seat put my seatbelt on, started my car backed out and didn’t turn the headlights on until I was pulled out of the diveway. I drove to Walmart and parked in the parking lot at 230am.

I was very hurt and sad because Marcum seemed like a guy I could spend the rest of my life with, my chest was literally hurting, but I needed to get myself together and figure out where I was going to go. I didn’t know anyone around here and the closest person I knew was my sister and ex-husband and they were over an hour away. I tried calling my sister but no answer. So I called the only person I had left my ex-husband. I called and he said I could stay the night.  I didn’t tell him where I was coming from I just told him that essner and I got into a fight and I didn’t want to stay the night with her. I didn’t speak one work about Marcum to him.

When I got there it was almost 4am. I went up to his bedroom changed into my pjs and got in his bed, I laid under separate covered and laid up against the wall. It was strange that this person who I shared a bed with for almost 10years seemed like a complete stranger to me.

The next morning a little after 9am my phone rang and it was Marcum. I jumped out of bed, went down stairs and all the way outside to talk to him. When I said hello he said really your just going to leave like that. For some reason I couldn’t tell him the truth so I told him that my sister and her man had gotten into a fight so I had to leave to come and be with her. He said well are you coming back? So I said yes let me get ready and I will be on my way. Still to this day I don’t know what made me get back in my car and drive all the way back to his house.

I went back upstairs where floyed was still in bed  and he asked who that was that called  and again I lied and said it was my aunt and she wanted me to go to my cousins with her. So I got dressed and headed back to marcums house.

When I got there he wasn’t anything like he was the night before actually he acted like nothing had even happened. So I thought ok lets just see how this goes. Well a little while after I got there his ex wife called and wanted to drop the kids off for a couple of hours. I thought well here we go again. she dropped them off and I noticed how great of a dad he was and how much he loved his kids and how much they loved him. I started to think that maybe I had gotten the wrong impression of him. Well his exwife picked the kids up about an hour later. And Marcum and I left to go down to my aunts house to stay with her and to go to Willies (a family friend who had a private bar my family would go to on the weekends). We talked and laughed the whole way down there. Once we got down  to my aunts town I stopped to get us some drinks, I got a six pack of down home punch and he wanted a 5th of vodka.

We got to willies and had a good time. Before I had gotten 2 bottles down Marcum was finished with his bottle of vodka. I noticed that his face looked different and I was afraid that he would start acting like he did the night before at his house , so I decided it was time to go. we went back to my aunts house and went to bed.

The next morning we had breakfast and I packed up a bag and we went back to him house.

That is where this leaves off and I will go into our relationship …….

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