Dear Emmy,

One day you will learn that weekends always go by the fastest.

A precious piece of advice I can give you for the future is to plan things out. While having free time to relax and recuperate is definitely a must, if there are things on your to do list then plan you must.

It took mommy a long time (and I am still learning to this day!) to determine and prioritize what absolutely needs to gets done and what I want to accomplish. Through many fails I found out the best way to ensure you feel fulfilled on a Sunday night and ready for the upcoming week is to make lists. Now this may or may not work for you but since I started making lists, I live by it. Rather it be a list for work, a list for Walmart, and even lists of things I want to experience with you.

So far, I am happy to say that we have checked a few things off that list together. We have been to: museums, the zoo, the waterpark, the discovery center, saw your first movies in theaters, a temple, to beaches, and Disneyland. Above all though, my favorite trips are with you to Walmart once a week. I think you and I can both agree it’s our favorite store.

I love you my baby. Thank you for another day.

So Blessed To Be Yours,


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