a dark trip

I was riding in my mother’s car driving by my high school boyfriend. We were going to Chicago so I can get some things ready in preparation of starting college in the city. He was going to visit his family as well. Now, this was the time he was living with my mother and me. My brothers were gone in the military. We were fighting about something in the car and he was driving really fast. I can’t recall what it was that we were fighting about, obviously nothing important. I remember talking back to him, and he grabbed my throat, and slammed me on my side of window really hard choking me. He had this evil look at me and I saw my life pass by before me. He finally let go, and I just sat there in shock saying nothing on the way. Once we got to the city, he dropped me off at the school and told me he will be back later to pick me up. I started having really bad pains, so painful I could not even walk. I sat there waiting for him to come back to get me. There was no way of contacting him that time there was no phone. He was late, and I knew that he was seeing another girl with my own mother’s car. At that time, I did not know who she was, but much later found out this was another girl who was pregnant by him. When he finally came back, I was peeing blood. I had fevers and was shaking in the car in pain. I asked him to stop to go to the bathroom, and when I peed painfully, a bloody clot lump came out. I never knew what that was or will ever know if it was a miscarriage or not. I can’t remember if I went to Cook County Hospital or not, but I remember going there and how dirty it was. It is still a blur to this day what happened afterwards.

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