Day 2 of my jounrny to get ready for xmas

so, oct 1st was to be my start date, but i started on monday, yesterday sept 28th, jsut to keep it consistent.  ill prob find a reason to screw up my week, but for now its a good plan

so Im fat, yup, too much weight, all relative i guess but i got 50 plus lbs to loose, and ive been working on and off for a year with this HITT program, i manges to shed about 40, gained 15 of them back, and now i am back to 50 lbs to loose.

that should take me to my goal of 160 lbs, by xmas you say!!! lol, well ive seen worst.

i get super and when i go on that fucking facebook site, these girls down 100 lbs, 50 lbs 60 lbs, i think how the hell did they do it, then when you creep them turns out they are paying 450 bucks a month to get this shackology shit delivered to there door.  yuck, but hey they look fantastic, and i still look fat.

i have this dream, that im going to look fantastic this xmas, im goin to walk into rooms, and see people that Havn’t seen me since last xmas, or havn’t seen me since this summer and they are goin to go WOW, michelle, you look fantastic…

so im going to follow a extreme protien diet that my HITT trainer swears by…  frig… i have no idea how to hang on, bt each day maybe if i giggle my gross stomach or look down at the rolls while im sitting it will motivate me.


once of my friend jsut had a stomach surgery.not even kidding you, she literally got her stomach removed and is loosing weight like crazy, she was 280 lbs, and now shes smaller that me  🙁 jealous? what who me?  frig YA, i cant even stand to be in her company. she keeps inviting me down  to her house but i cnat stand to watch her not eact, or oh my favorite,  the last time i sat in her company she ate a full teaspoon of almond butter the whole entire day, and was stuffed…..really, are you kidding me….


so tonight for supper i have a piece of salmon, yup  one piece of salmon.  thats all im going to eat for supper.  lol… no carbs,  just all protein for me. and some fat,  cause i can do fat and protien and all the vegs i can eat ( yuck) but nadda on the carbs.

so i thought, id do this journal, i dont care if you read it or not truthfully but it makes me a bit accountable , if nothing else, maybe some person will feel sorry for me and write me !!!



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