Today I found myself getting very frustrated. When I get frustrated I tend to get angry at the situation or person. I know my nerves are shot and need to remember that what ever is going on it’s going to pass. Like I have mentioned before I take my career and its success to heart. It just really has been a tough month but in my head that’s no excuse. No one likes to end their sales period with not making quota. So when the slightest thing is not going right it just adds to the frustration. Even a call from work today From one of my most favorite people frustrated me. I felt like I could do no right today.

I found myself just going in circles in my head and letting the frustration build. There was only one thing I could do and that was pray. I prayed so hard to let me understand my frustration and to let it go. After a few minutes I felt better and I realized I was creating this. Your mind sometimes can play dirty tricks on you if you let it. It’s okay that I’m not perfect and that there will be months harder than others. The person I was frustrated with I knew it wasn’t her but it was me. I needed to not be so sensitive and take things out of context in my tricky brain. This person would never intentionally make me feel this way. She is one of my biggest cheerleaders and always encouraging. Even though she did not know I was frustrated with her, I will let her know I am sorry for feeling that way. See, we tend to let things build up bigger than they are and in reality we control how we feel. After getting myself together I changed my attitude around and immediately just had bounce back in my step.

When I came across the quote above, I felt it was fitting to my journey. I’m not always going to be successful, I will fail, it will frustrate me and even with all of the disappointments that occurred this month I will pull through. Success is not always being number one but learning from your mistakes or tragedies in life. Besides isn’t this what this journey is about? Learning who I am as woman, mother and a sales person.

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