Light Workers

I’ve come to accept what it means to be a lightworker. it’s not always easiest it definitely mean taking your dark and delving into it but so far it’s pretty spectacular of the gifts that come after you know processing through everything and cons and yourself so it’s been pretty freaking fantastic and having those abilities. but you know it takes more and more work to keep getting deeper and deeper into everything so it’s not like it’s some easy task and I owe ya now I have it but no I have to keep working on everything by myself really. so the moon showed me many many things and I am very excited very intrigued about all things are going to happen I know some of them you know a lot of the messages are received our kind of not messages that I will see right then but over time it will come clear to me but usually how it is you know I can’t process everything at once so just kind of his life and I’m going as you don’t deeper like this is Noah told that all the messages that you’ve received them so I’m pretty Doe actually probably would go and go to Zumba like I said I was going to say anything I will be fine by

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