Today I wanna apologize for all the stupid fights I started. Chicago especially, when u were talking to april when we were at Parkside, u hanging with kyra, u hanging with ur friends when I couldn’t b there just to name a few.. I was very quick to overreat and very unubderstanding at times. I was made about the chicago thing bc I had to drive down for u and I was kinda resentful of u bc I always had to drive home from Parkside and not saying I didnt want to be with u but I just idk was resentful of always going to u ik. But the april thing I was worried she liked u, thts y I got mad being honest.. I just didn’t want u talking to another girl as much as u talked to me so ig i just wanted it to stop although now ik u can have soild frienships with girls and if ur faithful to me it shouldnt/doesnt matter. As for the kyra thing I felt like I was being replaced. I felt like y’all were only thr good of friends bc of me n I just felt cheated.. Alot of it was bc I didn’t know either tho bc if I was told I woulda been mad but never as bad as when I didn’t know js.. I needed to look at the bigger picture instead of each stupid little fight bc if I woulda focused but I think we woulda been differnt. I never handled my feelings very well which didn’t help my rage n frustration. I wasn’t very good at communicating and that’s something Im trying to work on. I don’t want to come to u again until ik I’m a better person and would be a better girlfriend.. Id take back every stupid fight to be with u again. Id admit wrong in every one to hold u one more time.. There’s very little i wouldnt do honestly. But anyway, Im sorry for all the nights u went to bed upset at me instead of having a smile and a goodnight nude lol. Kinda, kinda not.. But I just know you were going though alot at home and I shouldn’t have added to it. I shoulda been ur escape instead of the person tht made u punch walls. I shoulda been more caring and understanding, more forgiving and less harsh. I reliaze this stuff now and I wish I could prove it but im dealing with shit in point rn so I cnt do tht but as soon as I can, I wanna let u know tht I’ve changed and tht there would b no more stupid fights

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