Thankful for Computers

As this semester is progressing, I’m realizing more of the simpler things I’m grateful for. I have always enjoyed the simplicity of plain old simple hand written letters and I feel like our culture has lost some of this personal human touch, with the advancement of technology in the field of computers and the popularity of media, especially social media going viral and making written communication an obsolete, lost art. At the same time, in this very day and age, we are living in a time period that requires the use of computers. We have come to the point that we have forced ourselves to become dependent on a machine, basically. This very computer I write my journal entries on and do my assignments on is the only way I will be able to send my assignments in; if I didn’t have a computer or access to one, I would get a 0 on the assignment. The commodity of a computer has become so commonplace that we don’t think about how essential it is to everyday life and how difficult life would be if we didn’t have it – for those who work, are in school or college, or even for certain industries to function and tasks to be carried out. For example, unless computers were around, cars wouldn’t operate. There is a computer within every single car that controls its various parts; one main function is in the operation of the engine. The use of robotics has become relatively commonplace nowadays, used in surgeries and other fields, and it relies on computer programming as well. So many devices are based on computers for their functioning and just looking at my computer, it is amazing how in just a few clicks I can go from one site to another, research and get information from so many sources around the world, from all databases, email and connect with friends, apply for jobs, and do just about anything from my home, from my laptop.

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