To many clouds

Normally I am a huge fan of clouds. They smooth while having a certain beauty about them. Out of any kind of day I usually wish for a cloudy or rainy day. What can I say I suppose I just love the gloom. Even when I was younger I was obsessed with storms and clouds. The different types of shapes they made depending on the temperature and the overall whimsy they brought to the sky.

Hell I even got a raincloud with rain drops as my first tattoo. I thought long and hard about what I wanted to put on my body. The beginning stamp of my journey through this life portrayed on my skin. I would search through picture after picture and nothing popped out at me. I look back at that time, which honestly wasn’t to long ago, but I remember thinking about my childhood and how it has molded me into who I am now. The amount of time spent outside staring up at the sky, the wonder lust in my eyes from the images running through my mind.

I remember this one time when my family lived in Wisconsin. My dad and the older siblings had just finished putting together our play ground set in the middle of the backyard. Everyone was so excited about it that we ran around with glee. Jumping with anticipation for the structure to be complete. There were many hours spent climbing and pretending we were doctors just to grab the little about of berries we could from the tree above. Thinking back my memories of that time seem so clear and fond. I can’t help smile even now while writing about it. That time was a treasure to me that I keep near my heart. Everything seemed so perfect, but things always end up changing somehow. Sometimes for the best, but other in the worst way possible.

They had finally finished the play set and to celebrate my dad got all of us taco bell. obviously just a bunch of cheap crispy and soft tacos, but we were young. A taco is a taco, and take out is take out. Me and my two little sisters laid in the grass in the middle of the yard just feet away from the new memories for us to make. I looked up towards the sky as the day was fading and nearing the darkness of night. So peaceful and mystical even then for me. I watched as the stars began to appear one by one. In my mind I was smiling because to me it seemed like the beginning of a ballet. The dancers hit the stage one by one to get ready for the main song. twinkling and stretching their light to prepare for the remainder of the other stars to join. I couldn’t look away and remember being fairly upset with my mother then she yelled for us to come inside. I really wanted to see the rest of the dance.

This brings me around to my main point of this entry. The super blood lunar eclipse that occurred Sunday the 27th of September 2015. I was so pumped up to see it I even tried to get off of work early to drive out to the country to watch it. I had learned the times and what to expect. What I didn’t even consider was the clouds. I had my heart set on seeing this fantastic oddity. It wont happen for another 33 years, or so i read. I never thought that life would be so cruel and block out one of the leading ladies of that evenings performance. 33 years in the making of constant preparation and waiting for the perfect moment to shine. Sadly the clouds decided that my part of the world was not needing a ticket to that show.

Though I was unable to see the spectacle I still love clouds just the same. Maybe just a tad ashamed that they decided to be a bit selfish.

Any who yet again my entry has went on a tad long, but I’m honestly not to worried about it. It’s memories for me to look upon later and smile.

Until next time…

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