1 from the vaults 9th november 2007 944pm friday


it’s gotten a little too exiting around here.

1st someone hit a parked car and knocked it 1/2way into the street, then some stupid kids threw a molotov cocktail on the street so it rolled down the hill diagonally and set a bunch of leaves on fire. me? i’m the one that called 911. like i’m going to let something like that go unremarked. besides, if it turned serious (Note- i should have specified this is LATE fall here and they finally rakes ALL the leaves next door from the  4 massive oaks. these were leaf piles you could hide entire living room sets in with people seated on them and 1 of these were on fire about 15 feet away on 1 side by a row of cars and 4′ behind and 5 in front of and THAT car was currently diagonal across the street while we waited for the tow truck and the cops to come get it and alert the person who owned it) it’s not as if i can get down there with a fire extinguisher quickly, right? The officer said that there was a broken bottle and it smelled like gasoline and he put it out, then called (Note-when i called it it the dispatcher asked wouldn’t i rather be connected to the fire department and i said and i quote ‘you can send a janitor on a bicycle with a fire extinguisher for all i care, just do it QUICKLY please, that leaf pile is at least 4 feet tall and 6 deep and the bottle is rolling toward it on fire as we speak!’) in the plate numbers on the car so we could start trying to find out who belonged to it to get it out of the street via a tow trunk as it was pretty crumpled.

also had a nice quiet dinner with mom and Morwena. shrimp and pasta and brussel sprouts. played Uno with Mojo and let her win 🙂

with all this dutiful behavior, my knees hate me. (7 1/2)


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