One of my most favorite things I do when driving is listen to motivational podcasts. My favorite is Lewis Howes. Him and his guests are very inspiring and motivational. If you get the chance you should look him up, I promise you won’t be disappointed. The podcast that I was listening to today was perfect in its timing with my life right now. Lewis had a guest by the name of Fabio Viviani, a successful Italian chef and entrepreneur.

This was a man that came from a small town in Italy that grew up living in a 600 square foot apartment with a family of six. He talked about how he had no bed to sleep in except for a recliner chair. When he was 11 years old his mother became very ill and was not able to work. Fabio at 11 years old got a job in a bakery from midnight until  seven and then went to school. All so he could contribute to his family and help get his mothers surgery paid for.  He has not stopped working since the age of 11. Though he is successful today, it did not come easy. He had many obstacles and circumstances that could have easily deterred him.

Fabio’s story was incredible but what was most amazing about him was his attitude. No matter what life threw at him he always found the positive of the situation or a solution. One thing he said that just hit me and I almost felt as if he was speaking directly to me:

“Circumstances don’t define who you are or want to be, it’s how you react to the circumstances that will define who you are or will be”

To me this was just amazing. Most of my childhood I was a victim of verbal, physical and sexual abuse. For my entire adult life I could have used that as an excuse to not be a functioning adult, a drug abuser or use as a crutch of excuses. Instead I took that circumstance and used it to propel me to be the best I could be. I chose to get help, I chose to dive into my cosmetology career in my twenties and chose to make sales my ultimate career even though I was shy most of my life. Hearing Fabio say those words made me completely realize that I am defined by the way I reacted to my circumstances as a child with strength and I will continue to define my journey by the way I react to this recent circumstance. I will stand tall, work hard and continue to finding the best Jamie in this journey.

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