Conscoius Contant Creativity

Ok, Day One for this OnejustbeOne gal…

Stuck with the plan, though I wanted to be distracted. Hard to implement things when I have other deadlines looming, but I do have faith it will fall into place.

I am starting this as an accountability log of what the hell I do during CCC time.


-Hung up an old painting (not mine)

-Hung up a new heart light (joy!)

-Walked in the Woo-Woods, found a secret trail. Loop the loop, making a circle. It was a wonder for awhile, now I know the truth!

-Met a woodland turtle, who turned out to be a great still life model! Until the bugs started to dine on me…

-Sketched a stream- not an easy task. But something to make a shap for words (container).

-Looked at some arts grants, maybe use a sketch for my upcoming project- a brainstorm!

-Stetched and found this, so that I can stay with it.


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