Happiness. The state of being happy.


Happiness is temporary. It’s weird if I think about it too much – and I tend to think too much.

I remember a conversation with a friend back in college, where I said it’s like happiness is an illusion. We get caught up in moments when we are happy, but when we’re alone or look at our lives on the whole it’s anything but that.


I look back and wonder why I thought that at such a young age – why was I unhappy? And it got me thinking. Since that moment have I been happy for the most part during the past few years? I know for sure the past 4/5 have been difficult and held a lot of miserable moments for me. Even now, i’m not particularly happy, but i’m not sad either.

Ok so my life isn’t picture perfect right now, but someday when everything works out the way I want it to, will I be happy?

Happy in the moments or happy overall?

Happy or just content.

I’ve suffered from depression in the past, so I often wonder how much this will have an affect on my emotional capacity. In the sense that I feel a bit damaged, like I will never be 100% now. Maybe 97% is my new maximum.

I don’t even know what i’m saying anymore. Sometimes…I just feel blank…

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