My day off..

Dear everyone,

Today was my day off work which I guess is something that everyone loves. I had an annoying start to the day, mainly because of my nan. I had made plans for what I wanted to do on my day off, I did only plan this yesterday but that isn’t the point. Any-who, I made plans to go out with my sister and nephew and try and treat myself to getting my nails done and book myself and my sister in for a tattoo. I also needed to take a trip to my local supermarket with my nan to meet my little brother after he had finished college. So to arrange a time for that I had spoke to my nan and gave her a time as to when I wanted to meet her which was 2:30. After telling her the time I had chosen she then went on to ask me why it wasn’t earlier and what I was doing in my spare time and where I was going and who I was with. She then proceeded to make me feel guilty about not putting her first before my own plans.. See this might sound selfish and cruel, but with my nanna I do everything I can for her, before I started working more hours I was her carer, like I got paid for it and everything. But obviously since started more hours I don’t qualify to be paid for being her carer as the hours I work go over the amount you’re allowed to work when caring for someone. So obviously instead of doing the full week of looking after her and taking her to do her shopping and her appointents etc, I have to now try and fit all this into the two days a week that I do get off.. And as well as this I get all her text and phone calls about all her appointment whilst I’m in work.. which as you can guess my manager wont be too happy about this if it carries on.. The thing with my Nanna is that, yes she’s elderly and yes she might not be able to do as much as she used to but I know that she’s more than capable to do the things she claims that she needs me to do for her.. She doesn’t look after herself either, to elaborate, she’s a diabetic and I’ll go to her house and see sweet wrappers, liquorice packets, ice cream tubs, popcorn bags, biscuit, crisp the lot. And it doesn’t take a genius to realise that she shouldn’t be eating all this crap. She then doesn’t look after herself medicine wise, like she gets dosage boxes which space out what tablets she needs to take and when to make it easier for her. But even that she doesn’t do, she’s an ex nurse to so you’d think she’d be a wiz at looking after herself, right? Wrong. She’s forever playing the matre to, like she had me worried like hell about her the other week because she was so poorly and I was worried about her as she’d just started up on new tablets. I honestly thought she had overdosed or something.. She then, a day later was sat in my house whilst I was in work all well and 100% better. And with the way she was speaking and coming across sounded like she should have been in hospital getting proper treatment.. Not sat in mine stuffing her face with crisp when I was home..
It’s hard to explain the type of person my nanna is, but I guess all that will unravel one day!

So anyway, back to my day off, I head into town with my sister and we went and treated ourselves to some lunch and a hot drink, I got a hot chocolate with a shot of hazelnut syrup, it was awesome! We then went off into the craft store we have which I love! Then into a clothes shop, then to a chemist, then the tattoo parlour and then to the nail shop! We met up at 10am and left each other at 2pm. Was definitely a fun day! I’m now back home with my slippers on and comfy’s, typing away like a mad woman.
Anyway i’ll cut this short now and leave you all to it.

Again, thanks for listening to me talk shit! And i’ll be back again soon.


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