Not a human being

I always knew I was different. Even way before I finally realize I was not a normal human being. God gave me a gift, and no one could understand that it was a gift, not a sorrow. It bother other people more than it bothered me. I remember when I was a little girl, I went to my brother’s football game. Being the only deaf girl in town of less than 400 people was difficult. I was a monster, an alien, strange, weird, non human being to them. I tried to play with a group of girls my age, and being tricked thinking it was part of a game, I was locked in the bathroom at the game. No one came back for me for a while. I waited. I realized right there, I was not a human being. I was different. My mother finally came and found me, and yelled at the group of girls. I can remember being quiet, with no emotions. I did not really understand why. How did I affect them? Why do they want to torture me to despite me? and most of all, why did they not want to be my friend? This was where my self esteem, the insecurity, and humiliation of not being normal started in front of my eyes.

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