True Friends

High School is where you find yourself and see who your true friends are. Here is Journal Entry 3

True Friends

You think the friends you had in elementary would be your only friends and you guys would be together till you die. Well if you have one of those friends, you’re very lucky. On the other hand most of us aren’t even friends with the people we knew in elementary or middle school. Today I recognized who my true friends are. Just talking to them made me realized if they cared or not. I told my “friends” a story and I looked at their faces and saw a few who didn’t even care. Others did. Surprisingly the two people who actually gave a damn was a girl I knew in middle school and we hated each other. Turns out we are very close and always talk. She turns out to be an actual friend. The other is my so called “best friend’s” cousin. I met him like 3 week ago and already he listens to me more than my “friends”. He always has my back and I can talk to him about shit. I was very shocked today to see and realized who the real friends and fake ones were. Maybe it’s true. High school is where you start to find yourself. It definitely hit me in the head. You may think they’re your friends now, and don’t get me wrong, they may be, but one day you will make new friends and realize what a recall friends acts like and what a fake one does. So don’t get too comfortable yet because one day this will hit you in the head, like it did me, and make you see things much clearer.

Lost Girl

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