I dreamt of you today,it was a very romantic dream😍😉 I wish it was real tried so hard to close my eyes and see it again but nahien………. Laikin wohi scenes imagine kiyay I closed my eyes and watched you come over to me and hug me with your warm arms,I felt the warmth of  your body feeling against me,as your finger tips caress the curves of me I began to tremble with shyness as you got closer to me and held me in your arm as if your saying to me don’t want to let go hold me forever. I stare into your deep brown twinkly eyes and felt like just drowning in them.i felt you getting closer slowly stroking my face,khamoshi mein be ap bohat kuch kehray mujhay behkarahay Kay aao chalain bohat door apni duniyan mein aisay he ap kay hont Akar mere aankhon chugay,phirsay meri aankhain bhar ayi😢 Or apko mehsoos kartay kartay agay nikal ayay. Kaash bas ek bar kuch pal he miljain jahan sirf ek dosray mein khojain mehsoos karain pyaar karain. Love you Seebu I could do anything to feel that moment with you. I always think Ali and I were so close Laikin hadh Nahi paar hue par apkay saath mehsoos hota hai Kay yeh hadh yahan he paar karni hai.😭  Patani Kya kuch likhdiya. Par yeh feelings hain mere apkayliye. I still think of all the girls jo apkay saath rahi,apko feel kiya apkay itnay kareeb kitni lucky thi woh or agay jo be apki saath hogi. Kaash mujhay kuch or wakt miljata to kabhi be apsay door na hoti.

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