I always learn to say NO to anybody and I’m trying to avoid all the temptations because I don’t wanna break our relationship. I love you BB and I don’t want to see you hurt.

They do not understand me but you- You keep removing my shell and keep going to know me. Guess what, I let you do that because you are deserving.

I love you, BB! I know right! You heard this many times, but this is more than words bb. I love you, I love you very much and that will never change.

Though I feel like I’m trying to walk down to an escalator that’s going up. I know my grades in Networking will not be 100% 1 point something but that’s fine by me the important is you learn . I will get there you just wait, I will graduate someday. This is the result of having a high pride, now my subjects were not credited after all. I always waste all the opportunities . But because of my girlfriend , I can still keep moving forward no matter even if the escalator will drag me down, I will keep climbing and I will never quit.
– How can I start in our life plans when I am currently studying and I couldn’t do such a thing. That’s why I got to study hard , use it one day to get a job and continue the new chapter of my life with her , I’m no more alone because She’s there. I love you bb ko!!

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