errand day

okay. errands run, budget squeaked (and i DO mean squeaked, but next moth won’t be QUITE as bad since i didn’t run fan OR AC all this month and i doubt i’ll need to again this year)

since the herbals place screwed me over last month (shorted me 3 grams then lied about it then dissembled) i found a new place. 10 grams of Flamingo for 42.98 including shipping. not too shabby. let’s see how fast they deliver though! i already got word that they ‘shipped’ yet the tracking number isn’t in the system as of an hour ago. hrmmm. so i could be looking at anytime monday on. IF they really did ship it already and the USPS is simply being idiotic AGAIN. then it could well get here on monday which would be nice. if they used standard USPS and really DID ship today then monday tuesday LATEST. we’ll see i guess.

oh the punchline? the dumbfucks actually asked me to review the product they DID NOT send me. i ripped em a new one and warned everyone to do screen caps right before they place orders since the fuckers went and changed the site after they sent it out. if i’d known they were going to be dicks about it, i’d have fucking screencapped that shit! and they shorted me 3 grams. so yeah. not going back there. hopefully this site will be better. they certainly responded faster and took the money off the card faster.

ah well. we shall see.



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