Management Skills AT2

7th September:

The topic of mental health seemed rather fitting, and to start the day after Father’s Day was even better for me to try and be on the mend. The mental health evaluation was a little different than I expected, as were the results. I’ll have to remember to put the before and after in the appendices. The gym helped me take my mind off things for a bit. Uni was a hassle today. Didn’t really feel like doing anything but I’m an adult now so I need to take charge of my life.

8th September:

Today wasn’t any better. Actually enjoyed some leisure reading for the first time since New Years, which was nice. Going to the gym tonight and just unwinding from the day was extremely enjoyable, and being able to do it with a friend made things that little bit less daunting.

9th September:

No uni today so I took the time to myself to try and not only improve my own mental health, but follow some information I found online to see if these activities had the potential to help in some way. Performing a mindfulness activity – to outline to myself what I believe to be my positive and negative aspects, vent my feelings and thoughts, come to terms with personal issues, and make not of the thing that seem to stress me out or make me anxious – seemed to really help destress. I went to uni with Madi today to try and increase my social interaction, which was daunting yet kind of exciting. She finished late so I did he mindfulness activity and my leisure reading whilst I was there.

10th September:

An entire day full of uni is extremely tiring. Nothing was done today along the lines of improving my applied knowledge on the topic of mental health.

11th September:

This morning I took the time to research different mental illnesses and their signs and symptoms before I had to go to work. There are a lot of different ones out there – more than I initially thought.

12th September:

This morning was another gym + yoga day, to help keep fit and feel better about myself. How I was feeling from Father’s Day is starting to wear off a little bit. Work was so slow this afternoon. I really need to start looking for another job. Tonights leisure reading was well deserved.

13th September:

Woke up late this morning, like usual for a Sunday morning and had some ‘me time’ in which I baked. I never realised just how much I enjoy cooking things – even if I do have to clean up the mess afterwards. Work tonight was slow again, but I had Shannon as a manager so that wasn’t too bad. Tonight I meditated for the first time, and while it was hard to block out the noise and ‘find my own place’ I quite enjoyed it.

14th September:

The routine has started again and I quite like knowing what I’m going to be doing for the week. Today the only thing I did to engage with the topic of mental health was to go to the gym, as well as doing some yoga. From research before I drew up this three-week plan I learnt that improving physical health can also improve your mental health. Madi was having a bad morning today so after the gym I went and got McDonalds breakfast and brought it to her house in an attempt to make her fee better – I guess that completes this weeks overall goal of performing a good deed. My tutorial and lecture this afternoon/tonight were incredibly draining and I am very much looking forward to an early night tonight.

15th September:

I am really enjoying this leisure reading, I’m so glad I added it to my timeline. Taking some time out of my life to just sit back with a book and relax is honestly the best thing there is. I was excited to go to the gym tonight with my best friend. I’m starting to really enjoy it.

16th September:

Today, to increase my knowledge on mental illnesses I researched some of the many institutions that offer help and support to individuals who may believe they are suffering. It feels good to know that there are so many options available to people who need help, and who may not be able to confront their family or friends in regards to the things they are going through. The leisure reading is seriously my favourite part of my timetable. I never realised how much I missed it. Tonight I also continued on with my mindful activity from last week.

17th September:

Another early morning to catch the train for a full day of uni. I’m really not enjoying such long days, they are incredibly draining. Another early night tonight.

18th September:

This morning I spoke to a number of people and made sure I personally knew that they would be there for me, and support me through any tough times I may be having. This was very helpful given recent circumstances and the fact that I haven’t been very well since then. Work again tonight, and I am really getting sick of this place. I’ve been there for too long.

19th September:

Starting the day with going to the gym as well as doing some yoga, and ending the day with some leisure reading is something I really need to try and do more often. It makes the fact that I have to work in the afternoon a little more bearable.

20th September:

Baking time again! Today was brownies, and I can honestly say that they taste absolutely amazing. Meditation after a long week is something that I am always looking forward to, especially since it is supposed to improve mental well-being.

21st September:

Mid-semester break has started so I’m glad to have that little bit less stress in my life from uni. I have an exam tomorrow though so I had to use the time I had to study. Gym in the morning, followed by yoga, was an excellent way to pump up my body and get me awake to study for the day.

22nd September:

Wasn’t able to do my planned leisure reading today, or go to the gym, because I went into uni early to study for my exam with some friends. Didn’t really mind that too much though, sometimes compromises need to be made in life and things don’t always go to plan. For lunch today I treated myself to a nice burger and fried (completing my overall weekly goal of treating myself).

23rd September:

Even though I had such a draining day yesterday, I had to be up early to help mum with my brother’s belated birthday party. Being out all day, I wasn’t able to do my leisure reading or the mindfulness activity I had planned for today. I’ll have to do it tomorrow sometime. Tonight was also busy – going to my grandmother’s house to celebrate her 80th.

24th September:

After a few big days in a row, I slept in this morning which felt amazing. Because I didn’t get to do my leisure reading or mindfulness activity I did it today. I didn’t have anything planned for today so that wasn’t much of an issue. I’ll have to remember to put a photo of the mindfulness activity in the appendix of my report.

25th September:

Went to the cemetery this morning to visit my dad and grandfather. I haven’t been there for a long time, and I still don’t like going there. It’s hard to think that he’s gone. Work tonight was the same as it always is – slow and uneventful. 

26th September:

Once again, my Saturday’s consist of going to the gym in the morning and leisure reading at night – and working in between.

27th September:

Last day of the three-week plan, and I can honestly say that I am feeling a lot better than I was at the beginning of this exercise. Started the day with backing, and ended it with another mental health evaluation. 

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