Mystic Island

come to realize that the soul twin soul twin flame. I realize that these people you know become close to being my twin with the reason why he never promised because This isnot what I wish to speak about. there has definitely been a lot of frustrations about you know why I haven’t met him and blah blah blah but with boils down to is you know and I thought that this person with my twin and it just so happens that it was not possible because they were holding  energy that a twin flame so has into that energy is this doesn’t give a nation the extending the heart chakra exploding the reason I believe. I believe that you know there were some things that were special possibly but anyways I hope that you know they look back and think about me and they miss me anyways. So today has been a wonderful day I hike and swim to Mystic island and it just so happens that this is October 1st 2015.

I want to talk about today in the house in phantoms didn’t mean to accomplish my Michael today of hiking and something to Mystic island so today Alan’s go ahead by car I was pretty serious I don’t think I’ve been listening to buy headphones nonstop the past few days and it was a miracle that I chose at that time not to go out with headphones. had I gone out with headphones I would have been hit by speeding car down the village road. there is also missing the 10 o’clock bus and then taking the noon. we did not plan,we had no swim suits But we have bear spray. We had no  lighter but we had wine. we swim in my shoes or carry their I can go on with what we forgot but I’ll just leave it as we were completely impaired. it didn’t matter though cuz we were determined to do it. we manage to get to make a small little peak area and it was the closest distance to the island. so he slowly and steadily started to wait across and then the water gun very deep.I am NOT a good swimmer I could have drowned. that was very much a possibility since I lack swimming schools skills. I am currently under a lot of covers writing this. I’ll write more later if I feel it’s time to sleep

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