1 from the vaults 11th november 2007 526pm sunday


yesterday evening did remain quiet. unfortunately that inspired me to tidy up my bedroom since it was so quiet. i got all my clothes put away, remade the bed and filed my art and comic books. by then my legs were trembling with the strain and my back felt like someone had hit me with a lead pipe (Note- though i didn’t know it at the time, this was the beginning of the RSD’s progression up into my back.)

today? not much better. i’ve stayed off my feet most of the day, but it is still pretty bad. my back is a 4, left leg is 7.5 right is 8.5. i might have to take another pill at this rate.

i still haven’t heard shit from the pain specialist or the RSDSA.

this is so tedious! i really hate just sitting around waiting. there is absolutely nothing i can do at the moment and that really annoys me.


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