Levels Of Punishment

Level One –

  • Lines –  Kevin will write sentences of what she has done wrong or how she should act better. (This punishment can become more severe depending on the content.)
  • Likes – Kevin should look through specific, embarrassing search terms on Tumblr until she finds 10 likes to show Daddy (e.g cunnilingus, fellatio, flogging, tail plug, rope play, pet play)
  • Time out – Kevin will be placed in a corner for a length of time

Level Two –

  • Public Apology – Kevin must explain to her followers on Tumblr why she has been a bad girl.
  • Hard Spankies – Kevin will receive a super hard spanking by hand or another tool she does not enjoy.
  • Orgasm Denial – Kevin will be denied any type of orgasm release until permission is granted.
  • Essay – Kevin must write an essay about her bad behavior and tell Daddy how she plans to be a good girl (length determined by Daddy.)

Level Three –

  • Continuous Forced Orgasms – Kevin will be forced to cum over and over again for as long as Daddy pleases.
  • Riding Crop – Kevin will use the riding crop for extra hard spankies.

Level Four –

  • Grounded – Kevin  will be grounded from Tumblr and Instagram for a specified time.
  • No Toys – Kevin will not be allowed to play with any of her toys for a specified time.

Level Five –

  • Watching – Kevin must watch very naughty videos that she finds too lewd while Daddy watches her.
  • Cane/belt – Kevin will be whipped by Daddy either with the cane or a belt.

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