My ok day

So my day today was kinda ok i mean it was fun. We had a school trip to a city one hour way from my school but thats ok. I’m not going to tell you which city it was because i don’t want any of you perverts or serial killers that are reading this to stalk me or something……or maybe i just watch way to many horror movies. So moving on we went to the zoo, you know it was fun but not because of the animals in there…..more because me and my bff are obsessed with boys and there was this amazing hot boy squad in the zoo. But it all got 100 times better when 4 of them  took their shirts off, I’m not even kidding they had calvin klein worth abs. Me and my bff ended up stalking them during the entire time we were in the zoo…no regrets. The zoo was more of a natural park thats why it was like 40 degres…..i had sweat in places were I’ve never had sweat before. I almost forgot one more thing….I HAVE HOLIDAYS NOW I’m so exited because next week I’m gonna go to LONDON.

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