Wanting love

I thought maybe me and Alex could fix our relationship but we can’t he’s never here he doesn’t pay attention to me. No affection nothing and I’ve always been this way, when someone treats me bad or doesn’t want me or show any internet in me I start to get bored if you know what I mean. But in all seriousness I’m not looking for sex at all ¬†looking for love. Someone who will love me and care about me someone who wants a family with me. Someone who will be there for me. That’s not Alex he’s never here. Ever. I want to meet someone who will take me on adventures and not only want sex. I’m not looking for sex I’m looking for love. Affection hugging me close and holding me in your arms and a kiss every now and then. A girl can only dream. But that’s how I am. When someone stops wanting me and wants something else I get bored and start wondering of there will be anyone out there that’ll just hold me and tell me it all going to be ok and just kiss me. God I hope you find me a nice man who will love me and Caleb and will want a family and who will love and care about me and my son. A nice polite guy who respects people and not be rude.

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