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OMG OMG OMG I keep thinking the next game won’t be as intense, and every week I am proven wrong. What a game last night. The Trojans travelled to Petoskey for Petoskey’s Home Coming game. So much at stake. If the Trojans won, they would definitely make the play-offs. Petoskey is a tough team, and they definitely were pumped to win their Home Coming game.

Everything seemed to be going Petoskey’s way. They won the coin toss and elected to receive the second half of the game. They came out strong. They broke through our defensive line, their passing was on the mark, and they easily scored the first touchdown of the night. Granny was not too worried at this point because in games past it was not uncommon for the opposing team to score the first touch down. But the Trojans looked like their heads were still in Traverse City. They just couldn’t score and the ball would revert back to Petoskey. This went on the entire first half of the game. Petoskey racked up 3 touchdowns including the extra kick point, and the score was 21 to zero at half time. Everyone is entitled to an off night, but the team I was watching did not look like our Trojans. Because of Jacob’s prior injury the coach was only playing him offensively. Jacob was feeling fine so the coach did end up putting Jacob on the defensive line to plug the hole in the middle. This helped staunch the flow.

Half time and the Petoskey band took the field. Their music program is top notch and their band looked twice the size of Traverse City’s band. A new King and Queen were crowned. Following the half time festivities the boys entered the field to begin the third quarter. Granny resigned herself that we would lose this game. You just can’t win them all, and the Trojans had a great run so I could hardly be disappointed.

But wait – the Trojans were back! I don’t know what the coach said to them in the locker room but it worked. It looked like their heads caught up to the drive to Petoskey. The third quarter began with the Trojans kicking to Petoskey. Petoskey must have been feeling that they had this game in the bag but that cost them. On their first play, there was a loose ball and the Trojans recovered. Trojan ball and on their second play they scored their first touch down plus the extra point putting 7 points on the scoreboard for the visitors. Players are juiced and the fans are going wild. (Not like girls gone wild but wild as in very excited. Too cold to remove any clothing.) Ball returns to Petoskey and they are making progress going down the field. Plus the Trojans managed to get a personal foul giving Petoskey another 15 yards. But with this advantage they could not score and were forced to punt on one of their 4th downs. The Trojans racked up first downs until scoring their second touchdown for the night. Crowd is beside themselves. The Trojans were actually looking like they just might catch up. Kick was good and the Trojans bumped their score to 14. Ball reverts to Petoskey, but the Trojan defense was successful in keeping them scoreless. Ball returns to the Trojans and after their first down, the third quarter ended.

Top of the 4th quarter, and the Trojans managed to successfully pass the ball and gain another first down. But on their first play they managed to receive a 5 yard penalty. They were passing and running the ball picking up yardage and first downs, but during a 4th down, a pass was intercepted by Petoskey. But there was a flag on the play against Petoskey so we continued to have the ball and another first down. But again Petoskey intercepted a pass and the ball returned to them. Jacob is also racking up minor injuries. At one point in the game he broke open an old scab and had to have his arm wrapped. He also managed to roll his ankle and was taken out to have his ankle wrapped. From our perspective, it looked like he might have blown out his shoe as they wrapped tapped around his foot. Finding new cleats at this point in the season would have been difficult but would have been preferred to an injury. But hopefully with rest this week he will be okay. After getting his foot and shoe tapped he was back in the game. Back to the game – Petoskey was moving the ball down the field but on one of their third plays the Trojans intercepted a pass. With this advantage, the Trojans scored their third touchdown for the night. They attempted the two point conversion but there was a flag on the play. Another attempt and another flag on the play. At this point the Trojans went for the kick which was good and tied the score 21 to 21. There is 4:49 minutes left in the game! Ball is to Petoskey and they were successfully moving the ball but were eventually forced to punt the ball to the Trojans on a 4th down. Trojan ball but they too were forced to punt the ball back to Petoskey on a 4th down. Ball is to Petoskey, and there is 30 seconds left in the game. I am definitely hoarse from screaming with a throbbing headache from yelling but couldn’t stop myself. Plus the Trojan players on the side lines were encouraging the crowd to cheer. How could one not? Petoskey’s ball but they could not score, and the quarter ended with a tie. Once again there is no tie in football so that meant sudden death playoff in overtime.

Another coin toss to determine who goes first or second, and I suspect we lost that coin toss too as most teams like to have the last chance to score, and we were first up. Trojans at the 20 yard line. On their first down they moved the ball to the 5 yard line. Second down and the Petoskey defense kept them at the 4 yard line. Third down and Petoskey jumped the line too soon for a penalty putting the ball on the 2 yard line. That was the advantage the Trojans needed and they scored a touchdown plus the kick was good. Trojans are now ahead with 28 points to Petoskey 21. Petoskey’s turn to try for a touchdown and they too scored. A 2 point conversion would win them the game and that’s the play they attempted, but the TROJANS STOPPED them!!! The Trojans WON by one point!!! I let out such a loud whoop that I wet myself. Note to self – wear panty liner at next game. Unbelievable game. I am calling this pulling the rabbit out of the hat game. This gives the Trojans 6 wins in a row and puts them in the playoffs. Next week’s game is in Alpena. Three games left in the season before playoffs. It is going by fast.

I got home around midnight, and Zander had a game at 9:00 AM in the morning at Thirlby field. It was a short night but especially for Zander who had to be at the field by 8:00 AM. You can bet Granny was there! Our temps have dropped. Not even 50 this morning with wind. What a change from last weekend.

Zander’s Traverse City Packer team played the Traverse City Trojans – I know most confusing. So I had to ensure I switched gears to cheer for the Packers and not slip up and say Trojans. Quarters are only 8 minutes at the Pop Warner level so this game went pretty fast. The first 3 quarters were scoreless. Neither team could score. Zander is playing center and snapped the ball beautifully hitting his player each and every time. Start of the 4th quarter and the Packers have the ball but could not score so the ball returned to the Trojans. On a 4th down, the Packers intercepted a pass. They were fired up and racked up several first downs. They successfully scored a touch down and their kick was good. Score 7 Packers to 0 Trojans. The Trojans could not score and the game ended with the Packer’s winning. What a great weekend for both Jacob and Zander’s teams winning their games.

Tonight we are celebrating Mom Rachel’s birthday and my nephew, Adam’s birthday. Their birthdays are only a couple weeks apart. I am sure there will be lots of football conversation about the two wins. Much to celebrate all the way around. I wanted to get this blog written before prepping dinner but I do need to focus on tonight’s dinner. So until next weeks game Bragging Granny signing off.

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