I have never wanted more, until I met you


We are here at Koh Larn, Pattaya!

It’s beeeeeen so niice seeing his face this longgg >,< I feel sooo happy

I think too far when i look at him. He is way too charming.

We are staying together in the island! Richard is here too!

Wabwow didnt wanna join because her boyfriend is annoying like a kid

But i made her come here with me! Because i promise her that i would talk

to Yunus about .. my feelings for him.

I have been in love with him and i am not so sure if he is like this with every girl..

I am afraid he would say something like ”sorry i think we are friends it would be better”

i would faint if it’s like that! haha

tbh . .  . I have been hoping him to know how much i like him.

Not sure if we can have private talk because he is with Richard all the time

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