Today I chose joy. The dark corner of our thoughts can really be on display in our minds and take away from the joys we have surrounding us. Lately when the house is quiet I find myself getting down and lonely. I start to think about all the crappy things that have happened as of late and in my past. If I’m not careful I can allow it to consume my every thought and before I know it I am balling. It’s a weird thing our brain does to us if we allow it but it will also allow those joyful moments too. For those who struggle like myself we tend find it easier to hang on to the negative thoughts and wallow in our own self pity. I get it those feelings sometimes are the most dominate and its easier to feel that than any other feeling around us. Sometimes it takes more work to find the joy than it is to find the negative.

My heart today was so full of joy when the news of my niece having her baby boy. It literally felt like my heart grew bigger seeing this newest addition to our family. There is something just so beautiful about a new life and the miracle of God in all of his glory making women’s bodies able to create such beauty. All day today I had a little smile on my face just thinking about this miracle. Even Binks doing little silly things yesterday made me happy because he is my little miracle and brings joy to my life. What I noticed today was that because I was focused so much on the joyfulnes that the dark corners really never reared its ugly head. That got me thinking on how much better I felt all day and that I could find joy even in the smallest of things.  Now I understand yesterday was huge because of the excitement but in my heart I know I can find joy in something every day. Some days I realize will be harder than others because it’s life and it’s a roller coaster but there has to be at least one joyful thing or moment in everyday. It may take digging deep some days but it will be my part of my journey to just choose joy every single day.

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