#LoveMe Challenge Day Four

A Person who loves You

There are a lot of people who love me. I could talk about my husband, my parents, my brothers and sisters, my grandparents, my nieces and nephews. We had 100 people invited to our wedding – they were all there because they love us/me. If I had to pick one person it would be the one who has a lot of influence on me especially during recent weeks and months but also a lot over the past years. Her love and support is what is making me strong enough to put myself through this, to acknowledge the actions of others who have hurt me and to understand and admit my actions in hurting myself. Over the past week I have started to realise that these actions which I thought were done/over/finished/not a problem….still are a problem. Today while driving alone I had a revelation – it was all meant to happen this way – I need to set free all the bad memories, actions that made me hurt and let go to become a better me. There is no mistake in the timing of all this, the pieces fit together like a puzzle. I will explain this in another journal. To my friend for helping me find myself – I love you more than words, to infinity and beyond and for forever. Xx

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