Me and airplanes

How things can change so quickly.

I used to love flying. I used to fall asleep before a plane took off, wake up when it was about an hour left until my destination. It changed in one day. We went on a lovely holiday to Canary islands, then we had to come back just before Christmas. That was the worst and scariest landing I have experienced in my life. Ever since I have been terrified of flying. I still go on holidays but the thought of being on a plane makes my stomach turn around, my hands sweat when there is slightest sign of turbulence. Once me and my 5 year old were coming back home from Bristol, its was only 1 hour flight and 30 minutes of it were my worst nightmare. We got into a bad turbulence. Anyway.. the last 3 flights have been ok but still..

So I have done a crazy thing. I have made a challenge for myself. I have booked a holiday to Mexico, it is a 12 hour flight.. I have been on the plane for max 5 h before.. I still dont know how I am going to feel because already now I can not sleep properly because deep in my mind I do think about it already now even though the holiday is not until January. I would like to hope that my fear will go away and I will be able to enjoy flying again. Lets hope for the best, it should be alright!

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