New Life = New Start

It’s such a shitty day today! Raining and I had to go out to Natalie’s Schools Family Fun Day! Kind of broke me a bit.. Its the sudden devastation that my family doesn’t really feel like a family anymore! Just got to keep reminding myself that what’s done is done – and choices have been made. Sucks balls ?? Anyone know that feeling of missing someone and yet you know they probably just hate you right now so they probably want to forget about you… Thats probably way to deep! I’ve been told I over think things.. But I can’t help it – to love someone so much but feel like they don’t feel the same about u at all AND wat is worse not being able to speak with them! How do I find out how they feel? Its simple I don’t, I do exactly what everyone else wants me to do.. I move on! Fuck my life! We all need help…

One thought on “New Life = New Start”

  1. time will tell. maybe one day it will all make sense. but maybe your questions will remain unanswered. don’t stress over the ones you can’t answer though.. you will only kill yourself trying to answer them in your own mind. Answer the ones you CAN answer. and go from there. it always ends up making sense later on.. trust me.

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