The Most Confusing Life

So about a year ago (2014) I met this guy, Mike. As soon as I met him, we just clicked. I loved to talk to him. I couldn’t see him every day since he lived in the town next to me, unfortunately. So after about a week, Mike & I stopped talking. After that, he was stuck in my mind but I got with a guy, Greyson. (2014) We lasted a year & three months. (2015) We lost our virginities to each, I introduced him to my family, spent the night at his house, we were really close, he was practically my bestfriend. So even though I was surely in love with Grey, I still thought about Mike. I saw him a couple times throughout the year & it made me run wild with excitement, honestly. Now a couple months after my break up with Grey, Mike suddenly popped up into my life. We’ve been talking for about two months & we’re starting to get serious, the only thing that is wrong with Mike is the fact that before me, he was a manwhore. & he still talks to a lot of girls. I try not to be the jealous type or let him know that it affects me but it does. It makes me miss the security I had with Grey. But I like Mike a lot & I just dont know what to do.

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