Thinking about zena

I don’t want to go to class this morning can’t think clearly  about my other priority cuz I’m  thinking about zena  .it October  2th  it 12:28 am  tonight  I’m sleeping  over in the baseball field  they turned  off the power  so I can’t charge  my phone I have 68% power  I have enough  time to check  the weather  and like always  look at zena pictures  I feel like a child I’m a grown man writing  love letters about a girl who doesn’t  even know I love her on top of that she might not even want  me .most people  in my situation  wouldn’t  be thinking  about  a female  but that just because  they haven’t  met zena it cold and raining  in mclean va  but just thinking  about her make the cold rain warm to Day I went to the gym working my chest am shoulder but at first I couldn’t  left the two 40 lbs dumbbells but I’m my mind I just imagine  zena being behind  me giving me motivatin . Thar gurl mean so much to me I forget  about other priority  in my life I pray  for her every  night that she gets the job at apple  she deserves a good job

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