I just wanted to type in some things down that’s been in my mind for a while before I go to bed. I don’t know why but I still feel unhappy. I’ve got everything I need and things in life have been going smooth…
A few months ago when I was job-hunting, I told myself that once I get a job and start earning my own money I’ll finally be happy.
But I’m still not.. I don’t understand why..
I feel like something is missing in my life but I can’t get the thought of what it is?
That missing piece seems to be the reason why I’m still unhappy but what is it? and how do I find it?

I just don’t get it.

I haven’t spoken to Danielle in a while, We’re both are just so busy with our lives and with the timezones it can be abit hard.. but we always make it work. I miss her.. we used to talk all the time in the old days but you know, as we get older things changed, but our friendship certainly hasn’t. It’s been stronger than EVVEERRR.

After work today, I saw Jen cry and I felt really bad because she’s such a nice and awesome person AND she said I was her favourite person haha 😛
but yeah.. personal reasons but it sucks that it happened to her and I’m sure she doesn’t deserve it and I really hope she’s coping well..

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