Pursue It

If someone would have told me four weeks ago that I would be living in my own apartment and a single mom, I would have thought they were crazy. The thought that went through my head when everything happened was straight terror. How was I ever going to do this, let alone do it while being strong for Binks? Though I was terrified I knew what I had to do and no looking back. The day I was at the leasing office of my apartment signing the lease I cried. The poor leasing agent didn’t know what do. I looked at her, apologized and told her that I was facing one of my biggest fears as an adult.

Now looking back at the last few weeks I realized that my inner strength is stronger than I think. For many years I have allowed the fearful voice in my head take over. Sometimes I think it would stop me from reaching my full potential. Looking at my career I allowed fear to take over and will sometimes talk myself out of maybe calling on a bigger potential client because of fear of rejection. Even looking back at the last few years with my ex maybe I wasn’t as happy as I thought but I was just to terrified to do it on my own. Once I accepted the situation for what it is I realized that the fears in my head are much bigger than they actually are and I have the strength to overcome them. So tomorrow and on the rest of this journey I will face my fears whether it be exciting or scary and just pursue it… Pursue happiness, pursue success, pursue good health and anything else that comes my way.


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