I am so glad he is back. I saw him today and he is the same as before. For some reason he always tends to return in the fall/winter time. I can’t think of just one season when we didn’t have a moment because honestly each season reminds me of a different memory that we had together. I still feel the same when I first stared to fall for him. I feel comfortable and safe when he or his friends/family is around because I feel like they will protect me even if they don’t know me. His mother is so nice to me and his father scares me a little but he is still nice. His friends are not invasive and that’s one thing I like about them. It’s like when I see a stranger or one of those men from the building that creep me out and any of his friends are out I feel like if those other men try anything they will come help me. No matter what anyone says about them I feel safe because you don’t judge a book by its cover. 

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