I had a hard time trying to figure out what to write. So I decided to write about you, as always. You’re my muse. You have been since the first time I heard you laugh. In that moment I swear you ruined my life and completed it all at once. The way my name rolled of your tongue was enough to keep me around forever and I think you knew that all along. Sometimes I lay in bed at night – or morning should I say. It will be four am and I’ll sit staring at my ceiling thinking about what would we would be talking about in that moment. Would it be the theory of aliens? Or politics. I never knew what would be coming out of your mouth next and I loved that. Fuck, did I love that. You were so unpredictable and like no one I knew before. So refreshing and eccentric. And because of this, I will continue writing about you and hoping that maybe somewhere you’re playing in your band and singing about me.


Always yours,


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