I ran today. First time in a while. Maybe a month. I used to run a few days a week. But I was not enjoying it the way I used to. Then I stopped. I needed a break. I am thankful for the people who didn’t give up on me. They kept in contact with me even when I didn’t respond to their invitations to run. I am grateful.

My children are wonderful. D is her tween self. You never know which way the wind is blowing in her world. I’ve learned to navigate her moods with kindness. I am amazed at how much further gentleness goes than force or anger. S is his young boy self. Starting to act like a bigger boy in front of his friends, but still needing his mama. He still calls me “mama” and I love hearing that word come from his mouth.

Today would have been my cousin’s 53 birthday. Always a thoughtful person. Her spirit lives on in her children. Happy Birthday K. I love you.

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