Best friend/Boyfriend Thief

Call me crazy or call me cruel!? So on May of my freshman year I partook in a so uninspiring night of loosing my virginity I almost puke thinking of it. I was 15 and thought I meet the man of my dreams. Tall, handsome, and had been my crush since 5th grade! Winner, Winner, chicken dinner.. Right? WRONG! 15 and senseless. Anyways, I decided that May 18th was the day. What I projected was that it was going to be fun, and I would score my dream man in the process. Well I got was a one night stand and a voided V-card! As he slipped into me I didn’t feel pleasure, I felt my dignity, my hope, and my self worth slip between my fingers or I should say legs… Now I already thought I was embarrassed and have shamed myself for years! Nope now my bestfriend decides that she likes him. She is a virgin. Does this mean we could both possibly we voided by the same person? Do I have the right to be mad? Thoughts? Ideas? HELP!!!

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