My husband got kicked out today and had to pack all his things and leave. He was with his friends which are also my friends. They try and look out for him as much as they can but they can’t really tell him what he can and can’t do. He got 2 bottles of alcohol. From a 16 year old! Drank them, it was those stupid fireballs. He kept telling our friends today how he wanted to kill himself he kept crying. He was mean to our friends he kept saying he had a gun in his car. He said he easily got it from his grandpas house but how? He has them locked away in a safe. He went to a parking lot with his friend while me and my friend called to get him help. He was very drunk. We td the cops he threatened to kill himself and that he wasn’t safe by himself and that he had a gun which really we believed he did. They went to Alex had lasers pointing at him from the polices guns but Alex dozed off they opened the car and threw him onto the ground and handcuffed him. They searched his car found pills. The ambulance took him to Fatima hospital. We went there right away and I went to see him but before I did I talked to a lady who evaluates people into mental hospitals. I told her everything. How this has been going on for months how he was arrested before for attacking his dad. How he takes pills and drinks and how it’s been like this on and off for a couple years. I told her that he needed to be admitted into a mental hospital. She said the hospital he was in now didn’t have any beds but she would see if another did that specialized in addiction I told her I wanted to make sure he got the help he needed. Impatient. I think he will go impatient. I hope he does he needs the help. I do only want what’s best for my husband and that’s treatment. I will visit him as much as I can. I love him and can’t let him do this to himself. I know addicts sometimes need to hit rock bottom but he was threatening to kill himself over and over again said it multiple times. I had to do something. I’m glad out friends contacted me and everything they are true friends to me and my husband. I pray to god he gets help and however long it’ll take for him to get better. Even If it takes months I want him better and to him old self. He’s got so much potential. He’s very smart and talented when he’s not under the influence. I feel better knowing he’s safe in the hospital I know he hates hospitals and is hurt but he needs it. I’m going to miss him being home with me and sleeping in the same bed but this is honestly the best thing for him. I just hope this never happens again. I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle it. He’s the love of my life the father of our child. So many people love and care about him. He was doing good for 6 months then he relapsed. He’s my love. I would hate to see him dead because of his addiction. It would kill me. I’d never be the same if I lost him to death. No girl has ever loved him as much as I do. Because we weren’t meant to be together. Mad I lay in bed writing this I’m missing him I miss him the old him. My feelings are all confused I hope soon they become better

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