I’m hired

So basically today is the day that I’m going to tell my girlfriend of what my mom told me last night that we are gonna leave this place this month, but then I have a good news I guess. Its an online job that I been applying for a couple of weeks now, and then I got hired, and hoping this will be a good start so that we will not leave this place for now. But then  I texted my girlfriend to let her know that I got hired , and I need her to help me decide whether what time should I prefer because I am also studying so I need an organized time btw. And then she texted that we will not see each other today because its her grandma’s birthday. So I decided I’m going to tell her tomorrow when we get to see each other, because its much better to tell her in person about leaving. AND IF, I everything goes well then we will not leave. I’m tired of changing places I barely have no proper address. So till here and see what we can do next 🙂

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