#LoveMe Challenge Day Six

A note to your future You

One day you could be a mother of little girls. Teach them to respect themselves, that they are beautiful, that there is nothing they can’t talk to you about, that you are their biggest fan, that you love them with everything you have, that no matter what they go through in life you will always be there for them, that they are enough just the way they are – they have their own identity and they can be confident in their own skin, that you will always be their Mother. Support them, don’t dictate to them, don’t turn your shoulder when they need you, don’t be too busy to listen fully, always make sure they know they can turn up on your doorstep no matter how old they are and no matter what hour of the day or night, enjoy life with them, make time for them and invest in quality time enjoying something together.
One day you might be blessed enough to be a mother of little boys. Teach them chivalry, kindness, respect and love. Teach them to respect girls and women, to touch them carefully, to always listen, that no means no, to be strong and supportive, responsible young men. Let your children play in dirt, make a mess. That there is nothing that can’t be fixed, it is never too late. That you love them more than life itself. And yes, You will have enough love to give.

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