Sounds funny to describe my 4 year old as my main girl! She’s the one that when I have a hard time coping a simple hug, kiss, or I love you makes it all better! She’s the most affected by everything.. Even now that I would pick her up from school she would ask where is daddy.. To explain things to her breaks my heart – the bond they have or had it was seriously irreplaceable! She loves him more than anything – idk if he even knows it! She wishes she could talk to him and what the worst part is she says she’s sorry that daddy had to leave! Its no ones fault! Natalie is the most heart warming little baby girl she is so loving and yet hard headed… Ultimately she is too another daddy’s little babe , I feel sorry she misses him! She doesn’t deserve to deal with our problems! THEY ALL deserve better than that! I just hope that she doesn’t remember this nonsense and she too can move forward and be the happiest little girl I know she can be!

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