Never give up until you have made it to the finish line. There has been many times in my life that I just wanted to give up and times that I have. It never feels good giving up and a lot of times when you do give up your giving power to that fear in your head. Today while out prospecting I encountered a person that had a distaste for sales people. He had not so nice things to say and chased me out of his business. When I got to my car I cried and asked myself if I belonged in sales or was I just fooling myself? A story at that moment popped into my head from someone I respect at work and how she persevered in a time when she was struggling. When I hear her talk or see her in action now I would have never guessed she struggled in this position. With that story in my head, I wiped my tears, put on some lipstick and went right down the street to his competitor. See, I could have easily given up and called it day but where would that get me tomorrow? In the same place as yesterday. The point of my journey is to grow in all aspects of my life and that includes never giving up.

A few months back before everything, I created a personal business plan. This plan had mapped out steps to creating a future financially for my family and long term success with my career. Tonight I pulled out that plan and studied it. Now that I have settled into my apartment and slowly adjusting to the changes, I want to get back to that plan. Now this plan had some specific time frames and I know I’m not going to make some of them. But that’s okay because I can still persevere. That finish line is still there, it just got pushed back a little. I have no time to feel sorry for myself when one prospect tries to knock me down. I have no time to continue to allow what happened to keep taking up anymore time in my life. This future, this journey is all up to me. It is up to me to create the future I want for Binks and I. That’s what I do… See the finish line and have the strength to reach it… Today, tomorrow or next year.

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