“SPLIT SCREEN” (The Completed Version)

If this life were a reality show,
then I wish the two of us would appear
fairly on a split screen.
Then the audience at home could see
if you were really there and happy
even without me.

But we’re living in the real world,
where nothing is always as good
as one always wanted it to,
no matter how hard they have worked.
Should we complain that it isn’t fair?
Could we live without a care,
while others keep getting what’s supposed to be our share?

Maybe that’s why we’re not meant to be
on a 24-hour surveillance job, spying others on CCTVs.
Envy and jealousy will only drive us crazy,
while the oblivious remain happy and free.


(Jakarta, 2/10/2015 – 1:45 pm)

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