Stomach Problems

so over the past few years I’ve suffered from a range of stomach problems. They in some way or another have affected my quality of life. However dramatic that may sound. I really feel like it’s hard for people to understand just how crap that can really make you feel. I mean imagine just walking down the street, going about your daily life, and suddenly your stomach bloats up and searing pain starts to shoot through and you are hit with an overwhelming feeling of nausea like you are going to throw up there and then, in the street, in the middle of strangers. My life lately has been just like that, everywhere I go I subconsciously locate the toilets just so I can be sure where they are or popping anti diahorrea or indegiston relief tablets like they are sweets when I’m out with friends or at work because the anxiety of having an stomach episode in front of them is just too much to bare. I can’t even explain how much I hate it. So yes countless visits to the GP and tests later I finally get told that there’s nothing else for it, Im going to have to go for a gastroscopy. This is what I’m mainly here to write about. My experience of that. It happened a good few days ago now and it’s really been playing on my mind so I thought yeah I’m going to see if writing about it might help. But now I’m sat here not really knowing what to write at all. Maybe I need a little while longer to think it over so I suppose this will do for now.



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