Stuck in the Past

Lately, after my exhusband (met feb. 2011 had our son Jan. 2012, got married April 2013, he left me Sept. 2013) Divorce finalized APRIL 2015 he just got remarried on friday October 3. Im pissed, furious, jealous, angry, hurt everything you can possibly imagine. But im also in a relationship of 1 year and 4 months on the 22nd. Only thing is, i love my man happily inlove (i think). My sex life sux he barely gives and when he does he doesnt finish. He doesnt show affection like he used to. I know hes not cheating on me bc i keep and eye on his clockin clockout slips for work and hes always with me when hes not working. He thinks nothing is wrong but he never kisses me like he used to barely hugs me and doesnt hold me. I have to ask for all that plus for baackrubs. Bad thing is, i have a tattoo with our saying “I love you to the moon and back”… We discuss every part of our relationship on a constant basis but he is to distracted fixing his motorcycle, work and football/hockey. Any advice will help!!!

P.S. We both live with our parents some resources limited lol

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  1. Advice! Though I am no expert on love or relationships, its seems you have landed yourself in the nest!!! Your are out of honeymoon stage where everything is exciting and new and onto the part of boredom, just learn to make things excting. Of course your going to be jealous… Its only human nature! Just hang your head high and dont let your ex know it bothers you!

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